Founded by Grant Morrison in 2005 to serve the developer community, Inspections Plus is the most experienced NPDES, SWPPP, and BMP solution provider in the state.
Our CPESC® and CESSWI™ led teams have worked on thousands of projects providing efficient and effective compliance solutions to our customers in NM, CO, AZ, TX, and NV.

Our Mission

Protect resources by providing efficient and cost effective environmental and regulatory compliance solutions for our customers. We conduct business with honesty and integrity.


  • EPA Compliance

  • Assistance with NOI (Notice of Intent)

  • Assistance with NOT (Notice of Termination)

  • Client Representation for EPA Inspections

  • SWPPP Audits

  • SWP3

  • Industrial SWPPP’s

  • LEW’s (Low Erosivity Waiver)

  • Phase I Studies

  • Fugitive Dust Permitting

  • SWPPP Training

  • SWPPP Preparation

  • SWPPP Site Inspections

  • Rain Event Inspections

  • BMP Installation

    • Silt Fence (Builder Logo Available)

    • Straw Wattles

    • Mulch Socks

    • Hydro-mulching

    • Straw Crimping

    • Re-Seeding

  • BMP Maintenance

  • Seeding