EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
SWPPP FAQS - Everything you ever wanted to know about NPDES, but were afraid to ask.
ENOI / CDX – File for your NOI online.
Submitting an NOI
NOI Search
EPA Waters GeoViewer Water Locator Tool or NMED SWQB mapper – This tool is designed to help facilities complete a Notice of Intent (NOI) by locating receiving waters and determining whether that water body is considered “impaired” under Section 303(d) and 305 (b) of the Clean Water Act.
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Industrial Activities.


NOAA Hydro-meteorological Design Studies Center Precipitation Frequency Data Server. 
Allows the user to search by GPS, Weather Station, or Address. For a little direction on how to use this site. Enter your location in your preferred search method. Scroll just past the map and click on the tab Supplementary Information. Scroll down to “V.  Seasonality analysis” and click the + sign. Click on 24 hr or 2 day.  This is your graph.


World Climate – find current or past precipitation for your site.
Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network - find current or past precipitation for your site


USFWS (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) Endangered Species - Critical Habitat Mapper for Threatened & Endangered Species -  This tool will allow you to enter the GPS location of your site and find threatened or endangered species that are near or within the site.

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New Mexico Department of Transportation - SWPPP Disk requirements and reference documentation.


City of Albuquerque Fugitive Dust Control Program – This link will take you to the web page for the Bernalillo County Dust Permit and laws.